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knosis: greek for KNOWLEDGE

kinisis: greek for ACTION/MOTION

enosis: greek for UNION

People all over the world are joining Kanosis to interact and share. Business and personal relationships are growing through the communication of progress, and a global synchronized network is already happening.

Join Us.
Learn how and why!. Kanosis has citizens in almost all 50 states now, with Kanosians in the following countries: Egypt, Singapore, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Russia, Latvia, UK, Germany, United States, Italy, Switzerland, Greece , Cyprus and Canada. Keep reaching out! SIGNUP and help us build the Kanosis community. Remember that EARLY REGISTRATION begins New Years day and continues until February 15th, when our worldwide marketing efforts join yours!

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Here is a partial list of applications you get with Kanosis COIL:

Email Address
Personal Web Space and Web Site
Multi-Media Mail
VOIP Telephony
Email Manager
Auto-Updating Contacts
Workspace Collaboration
Avatar Mail
Relevance Filters
Contact Histories
Import from Outlook and File-Sharing

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